Moving to London and Designing

During these travels, he was given carte blanche by his wealthy family to collect paintings, sculptures, antiques, statues, some of these objects were exhibited for the public in one of the family’s mansion in Amsterdam, and some others were destined for his forthcoming house in London.










       From left to right: Antinous Statue, Egyptian Statues, Marble Acrimonium (Ash Chest), Krater (greek mixing Bowl), Psykter (greek Vase)



The Hope family took up residence in Duchess Street, in London. A residence, which was previously sir William Hamilton’s sister’s property,  from which he was apparently inspired by since Hope remodeled the house and refashioned it, designing many of its pieces of furniture and rooms in the latest neo-classical fashion. Here are some examples of the furniture he designed:



Settee and Armchairs designed  by Hope for the Egyptian Room


































            Pieces of Furniture designed by Thomas Hope

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